Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Making Kit's Scrapbook! How-to do it!

You know that Kit likes her creative side. She likes to write/report on the world. This week, I introduced Kit to scrapbooking and she seemed to love it!

What you need:
                          cardboard (I used a cereal box)
                          scrapbooking paper
                          Large metal needle
                          thread, string or ribbon
                          American Girl magazine

Step 1:   Cut out pictures you like from the American Girl magazine.
Step 2:   Take your biggest picture and measure it.

Step 3:   Use your measurement and cut 4 pieces of cardboard that are larger than your biggest picture that you cut out.

Step 4:   Glue two pieces of cardboard with the printed side on the inside on both pieces. Repeat this with the other two pieces.

Step 5:   Choose a scrapbook paper that you like and cut out two pieces that are about an inch bigger than the cardboard pieces.

 Step 6:   Glue one cardboard piece onto the center of a scrapbook paper. Fold the edges over and glue them down. Repeat with the other pieces.

Step 7:   Cut a piece of the same scrapbook paper to cover the middle of the side of cardboard with the short pieces. Glue it on and repeat with the other side. Smooth them down and let them dry.

Step 8:   Put the two pieces of covered cardboard together. On the side of the book cover you have just made, poke 5 evenly spaced holes. Make sure the heavy needle goes through both pieces of cardboard.

Step 9:   Trace around one of the cardboard pieces and them, having chosen several pieces of scrapbook paper that you like, cut out pages for your scrapbook.

Step 10:  Put the pieces of paper between the two covers.  Using thread or
sew the covers and pages together.  If you use thread, you can cover
the thread with ribbon by gluing it on.

Step 11:  Glue the pictures you cut out onto the pages. Add stickers and words.

Step 12:  Use a Sharpie to write a title on the book cover.

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Ana's Doll Bed-You Can Do It!

You are probably aware of Ana White's website. She has fabulous plans for everything from household furniture to doll furniture. I love perusing her site and daydreaming. I have my "if only" times-if only I had more time; if only I had more talent; if only I had the materials. Sadly, I never seem to get beyond the "if only" stage.

Meanwhile, my dear sister looks and says, I think I'll make that and she gets the plans for a cute country doll bed. In spite of the fact that she works awful hours, she finds the time, talent and materials to make the bed!

It took her awhile because time was hard to find and a bit of it was tricky. Being the persistant person she is, she figured it all out and made the bed. Here is what her bed looked like:

This photo is what the bed looks like in use.

My sister is such a great motivator. Someday, I will try a bed. In the meantime, I have two "bookshelves" that I need to go renovate. As for you, you should head over to Ana White's site by clicking here. I linked it to the doll furniture page.

What are you working on today?

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Hurry to Joann's Fabric Today!

Looking for school items, I headed to Joann's Fabric store yesterday. As I went to the end of the school aisle, I found the Springfield doll items on sale too-for prices from $2.97-$4.97. Check out what I bought!

Everything from the pea coat to the shoes, the outfits, all $2.97. Other shoes, hats and outfits were available for the lower price. They had a lot of other fun outfits for the $4.97, Because I am a teacher, I also got another 15% off the clothes. If you aren't busy, head over to your closest Joann's Fabric store today!

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Toiletries Bag

During the week granddaughter was there, the creative juices bubbled to the surface and keep flowing. Suddenly, everything you see can be re-purposed for something an American Girl doll can "use." Walking through the personal care section of Walmart, I saw this:

What a perfect little container for a "toiletry bag!" The great fun of it is that it was simple and took very little time. First, remove the stickers. Then find some cute decorative duct tape that you love and that works with the color of the container. Cover the flat side with the tape. Then, create a little strap to make it easy for your doll to carry. Add it to a little space on the center end of the bag. When you are done, it is a cute little container that looks like this:

This is such a cute simple project that is very inexpensive. You can use a lot of different containers to create similar projects. They will all look different if you use different tape or you can make a travel set by using the same or similar tape on each case.

Sunday, January 11, 2015

The Dollar Tree House Begins

Necessity is the mother of invention but grandchildren are the necessity of life. A Christmas visit from one of my granddaughters brought on a need to create. She brought her doll with her and I brought out three of mine (one of which she left with) and the play began.

One of the fun ideas we got I like to call the Dollar Store Doll House. We used tri-fold boards-like the ones you use for science fairs-and created a small kitchen in about 10 minutes. I am going to show you the kitchen we created and then, after I get the other two rooms added, I will update the article.

What we used: one tri-fold board, one flannel-backed table cloth, glue and scissors. We added cut-outs for plug-ins and a light switch.

How we made it:

1) Lay the board out on the floor, white side up and sides out-stretched.

2) Along the edges, pour glue and smear it.

3) Center the table cloth over the board and lower it. Smooth it out and let it dry.

4) After about five minutes, turn it over. Add glue over the back of the board.

5) Fold the extra edges over the glue and smooth it down. Let it dry.

6) Trim off the extra edges.

7) Copy the download-able plug-ins and light switch. Enlarge them and copy then on card stock, either white or a color that matches your wall paper.

8) Cut out the light switch and glue it at an American Girl's or other 18 inch doll's hand height.

9) Place the plug-in about 2-inches from the floor and glue it there.

10) For a kitchen window, cut out a blue, cloudy sky rectangle. Glue it at eye level for your doll.

11) Use tape, like electrical tape to the edges. You can also put one down the middle to split the window into two pieces.

12) I found a lace window covering that can be cut down and glued across the top of the window.

13) Add a round, single-colored place mat for an area run. Move in your kitchen appliances (see article on making a fridge and stove from photo boxes.)

The rest of the house will be finished soon. Follow 18-inch World so you don't miss the next room. Also, sign up before Feb. 14, 2015 and win the dishes in It All Happened at the Asian Market. All you need to do is follow the blog and leave a comment on any of the articles, including this one!

Monday, January 5, 2015

It all happened at the Asian market...

When you are looking for dishes for your American Girl doll, don't overlook the Asian market! While waiting for a pizza at Little Caesar's Pizza, I visited the Asian store next door. The very first aisle I walked down turned out to be the best one in the store!

Innocently thinking they are selling dishes for Asian food, they have plastic boxes of the cutest plates and serving dishes for 18-inch dolls! Not only are they adorable, they come with choices. I found plates, serving bowls and serving dishes split in two.

If you look at the little "wooden" table, you will see my first set. The great thing is, if you like it, you have a chance to win it! That's right, this adorable little set can be yours. All you have to do is follow this blog and leave a comment on any post on the blog. If you already follow my blog, just leave a new comment and you are automatically entered. It would be great if you pinned this on Pinterest, but it is not a requirement for the drawing.

The drawing will be on Valentine's Day....February 14, 2015!