Sunday, May 19, 2013

Molly's kitchen is almost complete with the addition of her refrigerator. This is another photo archive box. I clipped the edge along one long side and glued the strip to the box so the door would open and close. I used pieces of cardboard, cut to fit with a little overlap. I folded the overlap down and glued it in place. All that was necessary to complete Molly's wonderful refrigerator was a door handle. The handle was created out of ribbon and held on by brads. It is a simple design, but for a child with an imagination, it fits the bill perfectly.
A simple table that accompanies the stove is very simple. Michael's sells photo archive boxes, often for less than $2.00! Simply take the lid and put it on the side of the box. Glue it into place and you have a table. I chose one with a decorated top, but you could use a plain box, too!