Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Making Kit's Scrapbook! How-to do it!

You know that Kit likes her creative side. She likes to write/report on the world. This week, I introduced Kit to scrapbooking and she seemed to love it!

What you need:
                          cardboard (I used a cereal box)
                          scrapbooking paper
                          Large metal needle
                          thread, string or ribbon
                          American Girl magazine

Step 1:   Cut out pictures you like from the American Girl magazine.
Step 2:   Take your biggest picture and measure it.

Step 3:   Use your measurement and cut 4 pieces of cardboard that are larger than your biggest picture that you cut out.

Step 4:   Glue two pieces of cardboard with the printed side on the inside on both pieces. Repeat this with the other two pieces.

Step 5:   Choose a scrapbook paper that you like and cut out two pieces that are about an inch bigger than the cardboard pieces.

 Step 6:   Glue one cardboard piece onto the center of a scrapbook paper. Fold the edges over and glue them down. Repeat with the other pieces.

Step 7:   Cut a piece of the same scrapbook paper to cover the middle of the side of cardboard with the short pieces. Glue it on and repeat with the other side. Smooth them down and let them dry.

Step 8:   Put the two pieces of covered cardboard together. On the side of the book cover you have just made, poke 5 evenly spaced holes. Make sure the heavy needle goes through both pieces of cardboard.

Step 9:   Trace around one of the cardboard pieces and them, having chosen several pieces of scrapbook paper that you like, cut out pages for your scrapbook.

Step 10:  Put the pieces of paper between the two covers.  Using thread or
sew the covers and pages together.  If you use thread, you can cover
the thread with ribbon by gluing it on.

Step 11:  Glue the pictures you cut out onto the pages. Add stickers and words.

Step 12:  Use a Sharpie to write a title on the book cover.