Sunday, May 24, 2015

Toiletries Bag

During the week granddaughter was there, the creative juices bubbled to the surface and keep flowing. Suddenly, everything you see can be re-purposed for something an American Girl doll can "use." Walking through the personal care section of Walmart, I saw this:

What a perfect little container for a "toiletry bag!" The great fun of it is that it was simple and took very little time. First, remove the stickers. Then find some cute decorative duct tape that you love and that works with the color of the container. Cover the flat side with the tape. Then, create a little strap to make it easy for your doll to carry. Add it to a little space on the center end of the bag. When you are done, it is a cute little container that looks like this:

This is such a cute simple project that is very inexpensive. You can use a lot of different containers to create similar projects. They will all look different if you use different tape or you can make a travel set by using the same or similar tape on each case.

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