Sunday, June 14, 2015

Ana's Doll Bed-You Can Do It!

You are probably aware of Ana White's website. She has fabulous plans for everything from household furniture to doll furniture. I love perusing her site and daydreaming. I have my "if only" times-if only I had more time; if only I had more talent; if only I had the materials. Sadly, I never seem to get beyond the "if only" stage.

Meanwhile, my dear sister looks and says, I think I'll make that and she gets the plans for a cute country doll bed. In spite of the fact that she works awful hours, she finds the time, talent and materials to make the bed!

It took her awhile because time was hard to find and a bit of it was tricky. Being the persistant person she is, she figured it all out and made the bed. Here is what her bed looked like:

This photo is what the bed looks like in use.

My sister is such a great motivator. Someday, I will try a bed. In the meantime, I have two "bookshelves" that I need to go renovate. As for you, you should head over to Ana White's site by clicking here. I linked it to the doll furniture page.

What are you working on today?

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