Thursday, November 27, 2014

School Supplies

Wow! I have been so busy that I have not posted for a long time. As the Christmas holiday approaches and gifts for American Girl lovers enter my thought pattern, my creative mind has started working again.

Maybe it is because I am a teacher, or maybe it is because I love school, but my new project is the perfect thing for a back-to-school bag for your American Girl or 18 inch doll fan. I made a clip board with very few items and extremely low expense.

My first step was to go to the 99 cent store. I bought a roll of decorative tape.  I added a mini-paper clip and a square of cardboard.

The tape that our 99 cent store had was printed. I chose a purple paisley for no other reason than I love purple. For the $1.00 you pay, you get plenty of tape to create many projects.

As you can see from the picture, I cut the rectangle from a solid piece of corrugated cardboard. It is, approximately, 2 inches by 1 2/3 inches.  I cut a piece from the tape that was long enough to wrap the cardboard around the short sides, from front to back. It took two pieces.  Then I took a third piece and wrapped the cardboard from top to bottom, overlapping the pieces on the back.

I opened the clip and centered in on the cardboard on one of the short ends. I flattened the clip in the back and left it up on the front.  It looks like this:

One of the things I like to best about the new clipboard is how easily it fits in the hand of an 18 inch doll. Here is a picture of Kit holding hers:

If you notice the little sticky notes on the bottom of Kit's clipboard, you might be interested to know how they were made.  After cutting a few sticky notes on the non-sticky end to make paper for Kit's clipboard, I made this American Girl doll sticky notes by simply cutting squares from the sticky end of the same paper. She is ready to go take notes, either for school or for her newspaper!

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