Monday, February 29, 2016

Lit up by The Dollar Tree

It is always fun to see what different people find at The Dollar Tree to add to their doll world. One day, I went in to the local Dollar Tree to look for something totally unrelated to anything 18 inch doll worldly. As I glanced around (after all-you never know what you are going to find) I found something really cool.

What is it, you ask?  Little lights that look just like a small desk light. They are not in the toy section because they are real. In fact, so real that they actually light up! I bought several so I could give them as gifts.  Then, I decided to play around with them and create a little bedroom-scape. This is what it looked like:

Don't you love the bed?  It actually folds up and becomes a couch. I found it at Goodwill. It was in perfect shape and is big enough to share.

It pays to keep your eyes open whenever you go shopping. If you notice the little dressers, they are just plastic drawers with scrap-booking paper in the drawers. The pink dresser cloths are actually pieces of foam that I also picked up at The Dollar Tree. 

For ideas on how to make a plain, plastic set of drawers look great check out this article. It is simple, fun and quick!

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