Sunday, January 5, 2014

Kit's New Dollar Store Project

My new American doll, Kit, brought a gift with her-imagination. At a visit to the Dollar Tree, I noticed a little plastic two-drawer organizer and my imagination kicked into gear. For my classroom, I had modified three-drawer dressers to match my room and, I thought, why not make one for Kit. I paid my dollar and headed home to raid my scrapbook paper supply. I came up with one that I liked and that matched the purple plastic on the organizer. Then I went to work. The entire project took about ten minutes and I love how it came out!

Remove the plastic, of course! The frame is not rigid, so I pulled it down just a little so the drawer could be removed. Then, the drawer was placed, face down, on the edge of the paper and traced.

Then cut it out. Repeat for the second drawer. Because the two drawers are exactly the same, you can use the first one as a pattern or trace the same drawer twice.

Choose a glue that dries clear. White glue works well, but when I was making the drawers, I actually used Contact Cement and it worked well. I put the glue on the plastic drawer, making sure to get glue in the side sections. Then the paper was lowered into place and adjusted immediately. Don't let it rest or you will be making a new one! Press it into place and rub it down until it stays firmly in place. This is what it looks like:

It works well to hold just about anything an American Girl doll could want. Here is Kit and her dresser.

The total cost was around $1.35. Not bad for a project that even a child could make!


  1. Thank you! It is so easy to make, too!

  2. This just too cute! I am headed there tomorrow. This would make a sweet night stand also.