Sunday, January 5, 2014


First, let me say that I have the best big sister in the world. When my granddaughters (all 3) ended up being the owners of at least one American Girl doll each, the Christmas frenzy began. My sister and I encouraged each other as we made countless American Girl items.One granddaughter stayed with for a while. When she went home, she took Molly with her (Molly was the original model for this blog.) I bought an 18-inch doll, Sophia, from Michael's and used her for my model. My sister provided me with the correct measurements for AG dolls-just in case. Then she told me she bought me an AG doll off of eBay-one that needed some repair but that would work as a model after she fixed it. I was happy, but, she must have changed her mind.

Christmas came and so did a package from my sister. Inside was a beautiful, brand-new doll-my favorite of all that I had met by reading stories with my granddaughter. Kit was staring at me when I opened the box. She is now my model, but only because I have the best big sister in the world.

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